Overhead Bridge Cranes for Constructions

If you are engineers, constructors, or the people who work under construction must understand the good equipment and machine to build the structure. The sturdy structure is not merely about the materials, but also the great machine for arranging it. To build giant building, tower and many other constructions, there are a lot of tools and machine to use. One of them that must be provided in every building construction is bride crane. The overhead bridge cranes that are commonly used in constructions and industries are the type of crane that is designed with beams that are elevated and suspended overhead to run the movable bridge.

The hoist and trolley of the crane allow moving the load through the bride across. The elevated beams are used as the runway of the bride to move backward and forward. So, you can transfer the load for any heights by this elevated beam that can be set to lower or rise. To meet the construction needs, the bride crane is available in some options of configuration. They are top running or under running type and the options of single or double girder for bride crane. Those two types can be combined and made into four more options like top running with single girder, top running with double girder, under running with single girder, and under running with double girder.

The top and under running bride cranes are related to the elevated beams. The top running is the bride that run over the beam, whereas the under running one run below the beam. Then, for the girder options, they are used to support the hoist and trolley. Each type has its own benefit, so you can choose which one that is most fit to the building needs. Then, the constructions can be done quickly and properly when it uses the right equipment.